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Set overlooking a huge bend in the Zambezi Batoka Gorge known as 'The Big Eddy', these high wire gorge activities cater to all levels of adrenalin and all ages with several activities being suitable for all ages. Situated at a point where the gorge is approximately 300 metres wide and 120 metres deep, this is a spectacular breath-taking setting, and that's before you consider the activities!

Gorge Swing

A wild and full-on adrenaline rush, this high wire bungee is suspended across the Batoka Gorge and high over the Zambezi. A harness is attached to the jumper and then the jumping ropes, the other end of which is pivoted to the middle of the cable across the gorge. Leaping off the edge, you free fall for about 70 metres before going into a 95 metres long pendulum bungee swing. The most intense of the high wire activities this is not for the faint-hearted! Tandem jumps are also an option.

Victoria Falls Zambezi Gorge Activities Victoria Falls Zambezi Gorge Activities Victoria Falls Zambezi Gorge Activities

Gorge Zip-Line

The world’s longest zip-line, suspended 425 metres across the Batoka Gorge and over 100 metres above the river below. Launched over the edge you'll accelerate to over 100 km/h as you speed across the gorge.

Gorge Flying-fox

Great for all age groups this is 'calmer' of the high wire activities. The gorge at this point is 200 meters wide and a 120 meters deep. Launch yourself with a running take-off you soar horizontally through the air suspended over the gorge. Speeds of up to 15 km/h are reached on this activity.

Gorge Canopy Tour

The Vic Falls Canopy Tour consists of 9 different slides, varying in length (with the longest being approximately 85m and the shortest being 40m) and 1 cable bridge walkway.

Gorge Abseil & Rapp Jump

A shear 120 metre abseil down the vertical cliff-face of the Batoka Gorge, doing 360-degree twists, descending backwards or rap jumping forwards and walking down the gorge. Suspended against the rock you can jump out and swing yourself from side to side or round in twists. Abseiling is descending backwards down the gorge and lowering yourself all the way to the bottom. On a rapp jump, your harness for the abseil is connected backwards enabling you to run or walk down the cliff facing down into the gorge!

Gorge Adrenalin Activity Day

Be it abseiling down the sheer rock-face of the gorge, facing your fears trying the rap jump, speeding on the zip-line or the thrill of the bungee swing, various multi-activity adrenaline day packages are available. Enquire for more information.

Victoria Falls Zambezi Gorge Activities Victoria Falls Zambezi Gorge Activities Victoria Falls Zambezi Gorge Activities

Gorge Zip-Line

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