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The Victoria Falls Bridge

It was Cecil Rhodes whose ambition drove construction of the railway from Cape Town to the banks of the Zambezi at the Victoria Falls. The discovery of coal at Hwange brought the line from Bulawayo north, and it was Rhodes’s dream to "bridge across the Zambesi where the trains, as they pass, will catch the spray of the Falls", even though he had never visited them.

Despite his death in 1902, the bridge was built according to his wishes, just below the great Falls. However its construction was not without controversy. Many claimed that the bridge should not be built so close to the Falls; that it would mar their natural beauty.

The crossing of the Zambezi, immediately downstream of the natural wonder of the Victoria Falls, where the river is trapped within the narrow gorge, required a bridge that pushed engineering and construction knowledge of the time to its limits. The result, opened in 1905, was hailed as a man-made engineering wonder to rival the Falls themselves.

The Victoria Falls Bridge The Victoria Falls Bridge The Victoria Falls Bridge

The Victoria Falls Bridge

The bridge soon became a popular tourist attraction in its own right offering pedestrians, as well as train passengers, a spectacular new view of the Falls and gorges below. Today the bridge is still the second most famous landmark of the region, after the Victoria Falls themselves, hosting a 111 metre bungee jump with a hair-raising 80 metre bungee swing and 300 metre zip-line. The recently refurbished Visitor Centre with viewing platform, restaurant and refreshment bar is located on the northern bank.

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Discover Victoria Falls

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Discover Victoria Falls

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