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Flight of Angels

The best ways to view the Falls in its full splendour, a flight over the Victoria Falls is not to be missed. Named after Livingstone's description of the Zambezi, "scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight", the Flight of Angels gives you the opportunity to view the Victoria Falls from the air - the only way to see the whole of the Falls in their complete majesty. Choose from helicopter flight or microlight plane (Zambia side only).

Victoria Falls Helicopter Flight

Advertised as the 'Flight of the Angels' the helicopter flight gives you an exciting way to see the Falls in its full glory.

Giving you the most spectacular bird's eye view the whole waterfall in one go this is by far the best vantage point to view the Victoria Falls. Being a very flexible mode of transport the helicopter flies every 15 mins throughout the day thereby giving you the flexibility of choosing the best time of day for your photographs and video. A word of warning though, because of the sheer size in grandeur of the waterfall, you are likely to be left in awe gazing at the Falls and forgetting to take photos!!

In addition to the short Victoria Falls helicopter flight extended Zambezi helicopter flights, travelling up river and over the Zambezi National Park, are also available. Game such as elephant and buffalo are often found.

Please note that we rate the Helicopter Flight as being a 'high environmental impact activity' - not only from the fossil fuels combusted during the flight, but because it is also incredibly noisy. We believe that this noise pollution infringes on the natural aspect of the Victoria Falls. We therefore commit to donating ten percent of your helicopter booking fee to our environmental 'good causes,' and ask that you do that same if you want to partake in this activity and match our contribution with an equivalent matching payment.

Victoria Falls Flight of Angels Victoria Falls Flight of Angels Victoria Falls Flight of Angels

Microlight Flight (Zambia)

The Microlight (Zambia) offers an unparalleled 360 degree view of the Victoria Falls, as you sit behind the pilot in an open cockpit with no glass or wings restricting your view. Because of its size this is a weather-condition sensitive aircraft and flights can only be done either early morning or late afternoon. You are not allowed to take your camera but there is a camera fixed on the wind and the pilot will take the photos.

VISAS - If you are staying on the Zimbabwean side and are keen on doing the Microlight, you will need to have a double entry visa for Zimbabwe on your initial entry so as to cover a second entry after your Microlight. Day visa for entering Zambia is USD20. Note - if you only have a single entry visa for Zimbabwe you will need to purchase another visa on returning from your flight!

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